Getting your rabbit’s diet just right is so important. As all bunny-lovers know, at least 80 percent of a healthy rabbit diet should comprise hay or grass. But are rabbit nuggets good for rabbits? Here are our top ten reasons why the answer to this question is a resounding yes:

1. Rabbit nuggets contain essential nutrients
Our pet rabbits do not have access to the same variety of vegetation that their wild cousins do. Feeding a carefully measured portion of rabbit nuggets tailored to individual requirements every morning and evening, ensures your rabbit gets a nutritionally balanced diet packed full of natural goodness.

Selective Adult Rabbit FFL

2. Rabbit nuggets are highly palatable
Rabbit nuggets are rich in long fibre particles which help to keep the gut moving properly. This long fibre can result in a crumbly texture, but the heated extrusion process means nuggets maintain the crunch that rabbits love.

Rabbits eating Selective FFL

3. Rabbit nuggets don’t need added sugar
With a crunch to rival the most mouth-watering carrot, rabbit nuggets are sure to feature high up rabbit taste tests. Add to that a recipe list that is rich in delicious natural ingredients and extruded nuggets will tempt even the most discerning of pet palates. The bonus of such scrumptiousness is that there’s no need for sugary ingredients to increase palatability. The extrusion process also ensures that all the ingredients in a nugget stick together without the need for molasses or other binding agents.

Rabbit eating selective FFL

4. Rabbit nuggets prevent selective feeding
Rabbits have a natural tendency to selectively feed. They are hard-wired to pick out the most tender, succulent plants with a high nutritional content. While this benefits wild buns, the same behaviour in our pet pals can lead to nutrient imbalances, dental and digestive problems, and obesity. Rabbit nuggets prevent the selective feeding habit in one tasty package.

Rabbit eating food

5. Rabbit nuggets are highly digestible
As well as ensuring maximum palatability, the heated extrusion process improves the digestibility of the diet. So extruded diets are not only more palatable than pellets, but they are also more digestible too.

House Rabbit

6. Rabbit nuggets aren’t boring!
Us humans might think a muesli mix looks more enticing than a bowl of brown nuggets, but guess what? Bunnies don’t care what their food looks like. As prey animals they are on the constant look-out for threats and devote little time to checking out the appearance of their food.

Rabbit eating

7. Rabbit nuggets are good for rabbits that are thin or struggle to gain weight
Rabbit nuggets provide our bunnies with a readily available source of high quality nutrition. While this means that in most rabbits a little care needs to be taken with portion size to avoid weight gain or obesity, for those buns needing a few extra calories rabbit nuggets are the perfect solution.

Rabbit Nutrition Gui

8. Rabbit nuggets are good for rabbits with dental problems
Feeding high quality rabbit nuggets together with unlimited hay, as part of a good rabbit diet is the key to preventing dental disease. Rabbits who have already developed dental problems may struggle to chew hay, grass and other leafy greens. Rabbit nuggets provide a source of easily accessible high quality nutrition for these buns.

Rabbit Timothy Hay FFL

9. Rabbit nuggets are good value for money
While good quality rabbit nuggets may not be the cheapest option on the pet store shelf, they represent excellent value for money. Being irresistibly delicious and full of crunch, it will be clean bowls all round with no wastage.

10. Readily available and easy to store
And finally… rabbit nuggets are readily available in all good pet stores, are convenient to feed and easy to store.

So that’s our top ten reasons to feed you rabbit a portion of rabbit nuggets every morning and evening. Thinking of changing your bun’s diet? Head on over to our blog on dietary transitions here.