Knowing the best diet to feed your rabbit is key to helping them live a long and happy bunny life. As all bunny-lovers know, these highly specialised herbivores thrive on a diet that most closely mimics that of their wild cousins. You may find yourself wondering how rabbit nuggets fit into a natural diet. So, if you have ever asked yourself the question, ‘do rabbits need nuggets?’ read on.

Rabbit nuggets for a nutritious diet
In the wild, rabbits spend most of their waking hours munching on grass, supplementing their diet with herbs and other plants they come across and this wide variety helps them achieve a balanced diet. However, ensuring that the nutritional needs of our much-loved pets are met, would be tricky if we relied solely on a diet of grass and leaves. Where would we source enough greenery to meet their nutrient requirements in the sparce winter months? And with the best will in the world, foraging for food for our bunny friends would be a time-consuming occupation. Even if you have the time, how would you know that what you were providing was nutritionally balanced?

Rabbit nuggets provide the perfect solution and are a great source of important vitamins and minerals that would be difficult to obtain from a diet of hay and leafy greens alone. In fact supplementing our pet rabbits’ diets with rabbit nuggets helps them live a longer life than their wild counterparts.

Fast fact: the lifespan of wild rabbits is often just one or two years, in part down to scarce nutrition


How often should I feed my rabbit nuggets?
Wild rabbits forage and graze most of the time. Unlimited access to hay or grass is important for keeping our pet pals healthy but rabbit nuggets are more energy dense and should not be fed ‘ad lib’. With their irresistible crunchy texture and delicious flavour, Science Selective nuggets are a popular choice with bunnies. To make sure that your bun does not overindulge, offer a carefully measured portion of rabbit nuggets every morning and evening.

Rabbits eating Selective FFL

How do I know if my rabbit is hungry?
If you have ever wondered if your rabbit is hungry, it’s a fair bet that the answer is ‘yes’. Rabbits are grazing animals and have a diet and digestive system adapted for almost continual eating. This can become a problem if you offer them too much energy-dense food. So how do we satisfy a hungry bunny appetite? By offering unlimited access to hay or grass, a measured portion of high-quality rabbit nuggets, such as Science Selective Adult Rabbit Food or Russel Rabbit Tasty Nuggets every morning and evening and a handful of leafy greens.

Rabbit Nutrition Gui

Can you overfeed a rabbit?
There’s no doubt that you can have too much of a good thing, and that’s definitely true when it comes to rabbits and their nuggets! Feeding too many nuggets….

  • Increases the risk of weight gain and obesity
  • Means rabbits will eat less hay and so run the risk of dental and digestive problems
  • Increases the risk of boredom – nuggets are quick to eat so how will these grazers keep busy?

Let’s not forget that rabbit nuggets are a super healthy and delicious way of making sure our pets’ get a well-balanced diet, it’s just important to offer a measured portion.


How do I know if my rabbit is overweight?
When you see your much-loved pet every day, gradual weight gain can sometimes sneak up on you and before you know it, your previously slender bun is carrying a bit of extra weight. Tailoring your rabbit’s nugget portion size to their individual needs is important to avoid this, as well as avoiding sugary treats. If you think your pet is a bit portly, using tools like the Pet food Manufacturer’s Association Rabbit Size-O-Meter can be really helpful and remember to seek veterinary advice if you are unsure.

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