Enrichment Toys for your Rabbits are a perfect way to make sure they are getting enough hay to keep them happy and healthy as well as stimulating their natural inquisitive behaviour. We have recycled leftover cardboard and brown paper (not with inks and dyes on) and made some fun toys for our bunny friends to forage and keep their intelligent minds busy. By adding in part of their daily food allowance or a few treats mixed with hay this is a great way to stimulate your bunnies.

We used Timothy Hay, Selective Rabbit Food, Selective Natural Garden Sticks and Country Loops.


Examples of suitable materials you can use from your own home:

  • Cardboard Toilet Rolls
  • Kitchen Towel Rolls
  • Brown Paper Bags, plain unprinted
  • Brown Envelopes, sticky part removed
  • Egg Boxes/Trays, plain unprinted
  • Unbleached sisal, hemp, or paper twines
  • Cardboard Boxes, plain unprinted

Remember any cardboard should be brown, unbleached and no dyes. Tag us in your homemade enrichment toys @supremepet and www.facebook.com/supremepet