There’s no doubt that we love to treat our pets! However – although it’s nice to indulge our small furries – it’s important to always give treats in moderation, and pick options that are developed with pet health in mind. Considering your small pet’s health when selecting their treats (and their food in general) means you can keep them in tip-top shape and reduce the risk of them developing nasty problems such as obesity and dental disease. But how many treats should we be giving our pets? And how often should we treat them? Read on to find out all you need to know about treating small animals.

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You are what you eat

Have you seen our handy visual guide on giving your small pet a balanced diet? This is essential to equip them with the best nutrition to keep healthy. Herbivores need plenty of fibre, and can be fed a small quantity of treats each day, alongside free access to lots of hay (at least a body-sized portion), fresh water, a portion of high-quality pet food, and some leafy green veg. For a bunny, their treat allowance should be no bigger than their fluffy tail.

Rabbit infographic depicting portion sizes

Is your pet an omnivorous species? We’ve got you covered too. With different dietary needs to their veggie pals, it’s all about higher protein and lower fibre. Our Selective Naturals Harvest Loops are designed especially with them in mind, and ideal in moderation alongside a species-specific balanced pet food.



Harvest Loops snack

Chewsing treats

Natural is best. Certain varieties of fresh or dried fruits, veggies or other plain snacks might be suitable, but we suggest checking our guide or asking your local pet shop specialist which are safe to feed. Some human foods can cause big problems for our small pets. If in doubt, we recommend opting for species specific, high quality, premium pet treats. Choose those that are low in sugar, avoiding any bound with molasses or fruit syrups, as these can lead to health problems such as dental disease and obesity.


Treats that contain hay are a fab way to get pets used to its taste and texture and can help to promote increased hay intake from other sources, upping their fibre intake. Our Selective Naturals Meadow Loops contain Timothy hay and thyme and help to encourage natural foraging behaviours.

Meadow Loops Snack

Does your pet have a diet that they really love? It often works well to choose treats from the same range. While it’s ok to mix and match, sticking with a brand that suits your pet will help to make sure they are getting the very best nutritional balance. Our Tiny Friends Farm treats are perfect for this – with popular options from Gerty Guinea, Russel Rabbit, Hazel Hamster and co.

Tiny Friends Farm Snacks

Treats for training

Hand-treating pets is a brilliant way to bond, helping your pet to feel more relaxed in your company. Many small pets can also be trained to simple commands, with the help of a tasty snack! For example, training your pet to come when called can drastically reduce the stress (to them and you) of chasing around the room at bedtime. You might even be able to train a house bunny to use a litter tray or hop onto the scales for a weight check.

Feeding white rabbit

Find out more about our tasty treats available in our Selective Naturals  and Tiny Friends Farm range. Don’t forget to tag us in treat snaps on insta – we love to see our happy customers tucking in to their snacks.

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