Choosing which rabbit nuggets, or pellets, are best for your bunny pal can seem like something of a minefield. From what’s in a junior rabbit diet, to what you should feed a house rabbit, we’ve got all the answers…

How to choose the best rabbit nuggets
To pick the best rabbit nuggets for your bun, including how big the portion size needs to be, you will need to consider the following factors:

  • Age – is your bun junior, adult or mature?
  • Lifestyle – do your rabbits live mainly indoors, outdoors, or a mixture of the two
  • Reproductive status – are they neutered, or entire*
  • Body condition status – underweight, overweight or just right
  • Activity level – binkies and bunny hops or rest and relaxation

*Neutering is the best option for most rabbits

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What should I look for in good rabbit food?

Regardless of age or lifestyle, there are a few boxes that need to be ticked to meet the exacting standards of our bunny friends. Here are a few pointers to help navigate the nutrition maze. Rabbit food should have:

  • High fibre
  • No added sugars
  • Natural prebiotics
  • Omega 3 and 6
  • Balanced calcium and phosphorus

At Supreme, our team of veterinary and nutrition experts thoroughly research these species-specific needs as well as stay up to date with all the latest nutritional information… all of which means that our Science Selective range of rabbit foods contains everything your bunny pals need when fed alongside unlimited hay.

Our understanding of rabbit nutrition has come on in leaps and bounds in recent years, and that includes recognising the benefits of diets tailored to life stage and lifestyle. Here at Supreme, the Science Selective range meets the needs of all rabbits, from Science Selective Junior Rabbit Food, which gives young rabbits the very best start in life, to Science Selective Four+ Rabbit Food for older buns.

So, which nuggets are best for your bun and why? Let’s take a look…

What should I feed a young rabbit?

Did you know? Weighing as little as 30 grams at birth, baby rabbits can double in size in the first two weeks of life

The best rabbit nuggets for young or junior rabbits are tailored to support a phenomenal growth rate. Science Selective Junior Rabbit Food has higher protein (17 percent) than the adult diet to support healthy growth and development. It also has extra calcium for optimal bone and joint health. With antioxidants from tasty spinach, Science Selective Junior Rabbit gets baby bunnies off to the best start in life.

Reflecting the increased requirement for other nutrients, at 19 percent, fibre levels are a little lower than Science Selective Adult Rabbit. But you can rest assured that this is just the right balance for taking care of digestive health, while providing enough energy for all that growing.

Once your rabbit reaches 20 weeks of age, it’s time for a change…

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The best nuggets for adult rabbits

With the highest fibre (at 25 percent), Science Selective Adult Rabbit Food supports dental and digestive wellbeing so your bun can concentrate on living their best bunny life. Protein levels are a little lower, reducing the risk of obesity and helping support optimal health throughout adulthood.

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Wondering how to change from a junior to an adult diet? Our blog, All you need to know about dietary transitions, will answer all your questions.


Do older rabbits need different food?

Once a rabbit reaches the age of four, dietary requirements start to change. Our senior buns are often a little less active than in their youth, and age-related conditions like arthritis can affect mobility. Science Selective Four+ Rabbit Food has reduced protein (12 percent) and a lower energy content to support a healthy weight, while added Vitamin C provides immune support. With correctly balanced calcium and phosphorus levels too, Science Selective Four+ helps to promote a long and healthy life.

Did you know? The average lifespan for a pet rabbit is now 10 to 14 years!

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What diet should house rabbits eat?

House rabbits have similar nutritional requirements to their outdoor friends. This means that they should have access to unlimited hay, and be offered a measured portion of tasty nuggets every morning and evening, together with a handful of leafy greens. However, feeding a diet that is tailored to their lifestyle helps to ensure that they get the very best diet for their needs.

Did you know? 50 percent of rabbits now live as house pets

Science Selective House Rabbit Food is formulated with Timothy hay, grass and thyme to provide an array of forage. It is also enriched with Vitamins A & D to meet the lifestyle needs of bunnies living indoors.

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Should rabbits have grain-free food?

Selective Naturals Grain Free Rabbit Food contains no corn or wheat. With temptingly tasty Timothy hay as the number one ingredient, it’s rich in delicious ingredients, respects the natural diet and is suitable for all breeds of adult rabbits.

Whichever nugget diet is best for your bun, you can trust Science Selective to care for your rabbit’s wellbeing. All of the nuggets in the range are

  • Extruded for a unique crunchy texture that rabbits love
  • Formulated by experts to support optimum health and wellbeing
  • Full of flavour and highly palatable
  • And they’ve passed the bunny taste test with flying colours and five-star reviews!

For more information head on over to Science Selective Rabbit Food

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