Where are degus from?

Degus originate from central and northern Chile and would be found in habitats ranging from open plains, to the slopes of the Andes mountains, particularly on the Western side. They tend to live in large groups in a complex network of burrows.

When do degus sleep?

Degus aren’t strictly diurnal or nocturnal. In fact, they tend to be most active at dawn and dusk, napping on and off during the day and sleeping for longer periods at night.

What can degus eat?

Degus are herbivores and need access to plenty of hay so that they get enough fibre. They should also be given a daily portion of a high-quality, balanced, degu diet. This will be very low fat, high in fibre and contain suitable levels of vitamin C which is particularly important for their health. Degus are prone to diabetes and obesity, so it is best to opt for a diet with no added sugar. Find out more about what degus can eat in our article: https://supremepetfoods.com/veggies/

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