Should hamsters be kept in pairs?

No, not all hamsters should be kept in pairs. Syrian hamsters (the most common form of a hamster) are well known for being anti-social with other hamsters and will fight – sometimes to the death. Other types of hamster are more compatible and can be kept in pairs or groups, usually of the same sex, especially if introduced when young.


What is the best food for a hamster?

Hamsters are omnivores and need a mix of food to keep them healthy. Kibbles or nuggets made especially to meet their nutritional needs are a great starting point. They can also be given small amounts of fresh green leafy vegetables, berries, stoned fruits and even cooked eggs and cottage cheese. Fresh water should always be provided.


Is it hard to take care of a hamster?

Hamsters are one of the easiest pets to look after. A hamster cage can have quite a small footprint in your house, making it easy to squeeze into a small space but you can cater for a hamster’s wanderlust by adding on tunnels and platforms to explore. A wheel (closed not barred) can even allow them to cover miles while not moving from the spot. It’s also possible to bury cardboard tubes into substrate from them to burrow safely underground. Their cage should be cleaned daily and food and water provided. And if you go away for a few days (within your own country), your hamster can often come with you!


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