We are delighted to report that Supreme Petfoods has achieved its third consecutive win for Supreme Science Selective in the Pet Product Marketing magazine (PPM) Awards, Small Animal Product of the Year category. PPM is one of the leading pet trade magazines in the UK and the awards are voted for by its readership of pet product retailers.


Things became even more exciting when PPM announced a second win for Supreme Science Selective Adult Rabbit Food Samples and then a third, with the Eco Brand of the Year being given to Tiny Friends Farm Eco Bedding.
It’s taken a lot of hard work and dedication to get to this point, always making sure we use the best quality ingredients to ensure pets stay healthier and happier for longer.

One of the reasons that Supreme has dominated the UK awards scene for the past few years, is that we listen to our customers and try to meet their greatest needs. Science Selective is useful for problem solving – owners reporting dental or digestive issues affecting their small pets, are often keen to find a long-term answer that improves their pet’s welfare as well as health. The extended chewing time provided by Selective’s high fibre kibble helps ensure dental wear to keep the mouth healthy, as well as being better for digestive health. It’s just one of the ways we make a difference.


Shop with a specialist

One of the reasons we’ve been keen to offer pet owners samples is because we are confident that our food performs really well and that pets love it. Once they try it, why would you feed anything else? We also believe in supporting people who own amazing pet shops because they are real experts, often with a deep level of knowledge about the needs of pets. In fact, we think that shopping local really offers many benefits these days and we love to work with independent and high street retailers who provide a great service.

Another important thing to know about Supreme is that the team here values the responsible pet care message very highly, We try never to miss an opportunity to remind pet owners about the importance of feeding hay to their herbivores and always providing fresh clean water. When you care about the health of pets, supporting specialist retailers is the obvious move. We’re keen to work with people who have a lot of knowledge to fall back on and will ensure that pets have the opportunity to live better lives in every respect. It’s one of the reasons we’re so thrilled to have won these awards – they are voted for by people who are real experts.


Go green, go eco….

We’ve been making waves in the eco and green sector with our lovely Tiny Friends Farm Eco Bedding. Right now, many pet owners are actively seeking out products that reduce their impact on the planet. We’ve been striving to be green in all aspects of our operations and we know pet owners want to hear the whole story to ensure products tick all the eco boxes. It’s not just the product itself that needs to be green. Packaging also needs to be sustainable; the product has to be made and disposed of in an environmentally sustainable way and the company has to be aware of its own green credentials. At Supreme, we’ve been using local and responsible sourcing for many years, so it all fits with our ethos.


The winning product, Tiny Friends Farm Eco Bedding, is made from surplus paper from paper mills, which would otherwise be sent to landfill, so it reduces waste and makes the material into something really useful instead. After use, it’s biodegradable and remains compostable at home or with the local authority where that is an option for animal bedding.

While it takes energy to make any product, Eco Bedding is sustainably produced at a farm powered by wind turbines and biomass boilers are used to dry the paper into soft bedding.

The packaging (recyclable of course) uses the distinctive and appealing Tiny Friends Farm branding that everyone knows and loves.


Here are just some of the awards that Supreme has won in recent years:


It’s so nice to be recognised for something that you work hard to achieve. We’re celebrating our awards and it also means a lot to us to be recognised by pet owners. So, if you love our brands please like us on Facebook and follow us on Instagram too. And if you need help, or just to share how much you love your pet, let us know – we’re all ears!